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Capt. Marks is proud to be part of the Pro team for Hatch reels.  When it comes to big game fish such as Mako shark, Yellowtail and Tuna the equipment is going to be tested.  And Hatch passes all the tests!  When fishing with San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing you will be able to see why Hatch reels are top of the line with there smooth and reliable drag system and comfortable feel.  IF you are looking for a reel to last a life time, look no furthere that the Hatch Plus.

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When it comes to saltwater palagic's and there need to destroy a fly, you will want a quality tied fly. One that is going to take a hit and keep on going.  That is why Mark has teamed up with Rainy's flies with there superior tying and wide variety of patterns, if you are looking to stock up for your next saltwater or freshwater adventure, try Rainy's Premium Flies for all the flies you need.

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Mark is part of the SoCal fly fishing team located in San Diego CA. So Cal Fly Fishing is San Diego's premier outfitter for your fresh or saltwater fly fishing needs. With over 20 years in the San Diego area, their knowledgeable staff and affable instructors can tune you up for anything from trout to tuna. Conveniently located near the airport this shop is a destination by itself or just to test cast the latest fly rods on the front lawn.
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