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San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing was established by Capt. Mark Martin based on his passion for the Short Fin Mako Shark. We here at SDSWFF are for the conversation of the mako shark and are strictly a "catch and release" shark fishing charter. After spending countless days on the water fly fishing for mako shark, captain Mark Martin, who is the owner and operator, decided he wanted to share this exceptional experience with others. Through some hard work and dedication to the fishery here in San Diego, he is now able to do that.

Captain Mark Martin

Mark owns and operates San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing and is continuously exploring San Diego's inshore and offshore fishery, specializing in catching Mako Shark on the fly. In 1999 Capt. Mark left San Diego, CA and moved to the mountains of Lake Tahoe and Colorado for snow boarding, which is where he found and began his passion for fly fishing. After 10 years of fishing the mountains freshwater rivers, he moved back to San Diego, CA and brought his passion with him to the saltwater. He is now a full time saltwater fishing guide always looking for a new fishery to find.

You can find Capt. Mark traveling the west coast speaking at various fly fishing stores and clubs discussing waht it takes and what fly fishing fro mako shark is all about. His mission behind doing so, is to bring notice to the sport of fly fishing for sharks on the west coast and to educate people about the amazing ability that mako shark have to be an incredible sport fish, and still live to see another day.

Capt. Mark is also a member of "Anglers Eye Media" which has there first film featured in the IF4 (international fly fishing film festival)- "In Search of Grande".

Click Here To Visit Angler's Eye Media's Website.

"In Search of Grande" (Trailer) - Official Selection, IF4™ 2015 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

Need a Tarpon fix? Capt. Mark has you covered for that as well.  Mark also owns Tarponville, a Fishing Lodge located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. 

Tarponville Lodge-Costa Rica from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.